Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Only Religion Can Save Humanity!!!

An op-ed piece from The Daily 49er (the definitive source for Cal State Long Beach News)by Becky Yeh slanders evolution and insults freethinkers everywhere.

"Evolution stems from naturalism and claims the origin of life occurred by random chance, and that mankind evolved from other species," writes Yeh, oblivious that evolution stems from evidence and ignorant to repeat the Ray Comfort lie that evolution occurred by "random chance."

"By neglecting a creator, life has no purpose and one will do what is ethically and morally right in their eyes. There is no governing set of rules to tell humans what is right or wrong." Has that occurred in Sweden, a highly non-believing country? Yeh's "governing set of rules" are,we presume, the Christian Bible. How dare she insult us by insinuating that the Bible somehow has steered humanity on a ethical course! Morality and ethics have changed throughout the journey of mankind; the Bible has, and will, remain static. To postulate that the Bible ensures moral, good behavior makes as much sense as saying that Hansel and Gretel compel us all to carry bread crumbs into the forest.

"[O]ne should consider that the effect of the theory of evolution on man’s worldview is bleak." Fey is either ignorant or purposely omitting the rapturous way in which the Earth is consumed by fire as written in the Book of Revelations. Bleak indeed.

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